Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers in 10 Easy Steps

There’s approximately 1 billion Facebook account holders as of last year. And despite the many security issues the social media behemoth has encountered in the last few years, members are still sticking around. New members are still joining in hordes. And at any given time of the day, at least half a billion of them are online and actively updating statuses, posting pictures and links or messaging each other.

Hackers love sharing

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Far too many Facebook hacks can be found in today’s times

It’s now common to share anything and everything online through a Facebook status update. Birthday coming up? Post a status to let all your friends know when and where the party’s going to be. Celebrating an anniversary? Post a status message and tag the significant other. On vacation? Post a picture letting everyone know of your current location.

Cherished moments and painful happenings. All manage to make their way into our news feeds for everyone to share.

Pick your friends carefully

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Original Facebook account hackers are made every day

Unfortunately, many of us also forget that it’s not only our friends who are seeing the updates. While many use Facebook to stay connected, some people use that same connectivity with malicious intent. And we are unknowingly supplying them with the cannon fodder to hurt us.

These people know when you’re away from home. They pay attention to your updates and manage to glean the answers to security questions. We’re practically begging for our identities to be stolen from all the visible info we’re freely and purposely giving away one Facebook status update at a time.

All of this makes our accounts prime targets for hacking. One doesn’t even need to be a professional hacker to do it. It could be as easy as a person standing a bit too close while you’re logging in. Or finding the three codes you sent to friends. And before you know it, your account has been hacked.

Thankfully, you can prevent this from happening.

The easiest way to hack into someone else’s Facebook account is by knowing their email and password combination. So how can you prevent friends and other people from being able to hack into your account?

How NOT to get hacked

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Significant amounts of guys are hacking Facebook passwords

1. Use an email address specifically for Facebook. But the important part is this: DO NOT put that email address on your profile.

2. Choose a difficult security question and answer. That means staying away from the most common ones like pet names, names of children, anniversaries, birthdays, or even the names of schools and teachers. Come on, how hard can it be to scour your status updates for the answers to these? Even the simple matter of browsing through your yearbook can already reveal the answer.

3. Be careful who you choose to send the code to recover your account info to. Friends can gang up on you so make sure you really trust the people you’re sending the code to.

4. Use a firewall. There are stuff like keyloggers that record every stroke on your computer. Fb has long been growing quickly during the the past several years which is the key reason why people want to know how to hack a Facebook account. Hackers access this to get your account log in details. To protect yourself, install a firewall that will monitor your computer’s activity online.

5. Install a password manager. What you type can’t be stolen. A password manager will automatically fill out forms and passwords without the need for you to type them in, effectively stumping keyloggers.

6. Update your software. Keeping your software up to date lessens your susceptibility to hacking.

7. Change your password periodically.

8. Do not click on links through emails. If you receive an email asking you to log in to your Facebook account through a link that’s on the email body, err on the side of caution and go to the actual Facebook website instead.

9. Do not click on sketchy-looking pop-ups and ads.

10. Always use anti-virus and web security software.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch and stay connected. But always make sure that you stay on your toes to keep unwanted people away